How To Find Profitable Affiliate Products

I’m going to kick things off by covering affiliate marketing fundamentals. If you want to earn through affiliate marketing, knowing the basics is crucial. Affiliate marketing is essentially a performance-based business where you, as an affiliate, promote a product and earn a commission for each sale or action completed through your referral.

The flow looks like this..

Now, the core of your earnings in this game revolves around affiliate products. It’s not just about picking any product, but selecting ones that have the promise of profitability. This involves assessing their commission rates, the reputation of the brand, and how well they align with your audience.

You’re going to find out about the fine details, like how to gauge market demand and consider competition, which are absolutely vital. Choosing something that resonates with your audience and has less saturation in the market could give you the early bird advantage.

This isn’t just about finding a product; it’s also about ensuring you have the right information to make informed decisions. Consider factors like the product’s life cycle, customer support provided by the merchant, and the tools available to help you promote the product effectively.

Analyzing Commission Structures and Potential Earnings.

Now that we’ve covered the groundwork, you’re probably eager to dive into the figures, right? Well, here’s the deal with commission structures: they’re as varied as the products themselves. You’ve got your flat-rate payouts, where you earn a set dollar amount per sale. For instance, imagine you’re promoting a service that pays you $100 for each new subscription you bring in. Straightforward, isn’t it?

Then there’s the percentage-based model, where your commission is a slice of the sale price.

Take Amazon Associates as an example; you might earn anywhere from 1% to 10% on products sold through your affiliate links. Selling a high-ticket item like a $1,000 camera could land you a cool $100 if the rate is 10%, but only $10 if it’s down at the 1% end. These figures are just rough estimates, and actual commission rates can vary (in particular within Amazon)

Speaking of rates, let’s talk averages.

Across the board, affiliate commission rates hover around 5% to 30% on tangible products, but this greatly depends on the industry and the product. Digital products like e-books or software often come with higher rates, sometimes up to 75%, because there’s no physical inventory, cutting down on costs and they can afford to pay affiliates more.

Let’s crunch some numbers.

If you want to hit that sweet spot of $10,000 a month, you’ll need a strategy to get there. It really only comes down to SIMPLE math.

Assuming an average commission rate of 10%, you’d need to sell around $100,000 worth of products. Sounds daunting? It’s not when you break it down. That’s roughly $3,333 a day in product sales. If you’re promoting a product that nets you $50 per sale on average, you’d need approximately 67 sales a day.

Now factor in conversion rates – if 2% of your visitors convert, you’d need around 3,350 visitors a day.

Now, this is just a hypothetical scenario, and the actual math will vary based on your unique situation – the products you choose, the commission rates they offer, and your website’s traffic.

Your first goal might be $1,000 a month, not $10,000, and that’s okay. You can always scale as you grow more comfortable and experienced. The key takeaway? Know your numbers, set realistic goals, and track your progress. $10,000 per month is possible, and so is far more. It is just a matter of scale and doing more of w

Real-World Examples: Profitable Affiliate Products to Consider.

I’m going to show you some effective affiliate products that have paved the way for substantial online income. These aren’t just random items; they are from niches that are known for being lucrative when it comes to affiliate marketing. Let’s explore these together and draw insights on how they can contribute to your financial goals.

You might have heard of Wealthy Affiliate – it’s the top online business building platform in the world and they have a ver generous commission structure. For every member someone refers, you can earn up to $320 per sale (on a yearly Premium Plus+ commission). You can see that doesn’t take too many sales to add up to $10,000 per month in affiliate income (about 1 per day).

Now, let’s consider Amazon’s Associates program. It’s a behemoth when it comes to product variety, allowing you to earn up to a 10% commission. Take for instance a high-quality camera that retails for $1,000. A 3% commission nets you $30 per sale. You’d need to scale up, but the sheer array of products means there are many avenues to explore.

If tech gadgets aren’t your thing, perhaps the health and wellness niche might pique your interest. Supplements and health products are massively popular. Look at Organifi as an example; their affiliate program offers around 30% on sales. So on a $70 tub of superfood blend, you’re pocketing about $21.

But it’s not enough to just pick a product; you need a plan to market it successfully. Content marketing, email campaigns, and leveraging social media are pivotal; each product requires a tailored strategy to effectively reach potential customers. And remember, affiliate marketing is often a numbers game; the more targeted traffic you can drive to your affiliate links, the better your chances of making a sale.

When it comes to the mechanics of these campaigns and strategies, it helps to have comprehensive training and a strong support network, and a place where you can discover affiliate products and opportunities with efficiency.

As we move into the final section, keep in mind that this upcoming platform that I am going to discuss could very well be the stepping stone to elevating your affiliate marketing game to new heights.

Building a Successful Affiliate Business with Wealthy Affiliate

So we have covered a variety of profitable affiliate products (but barely brushed the surface of the overall oportunity. and you are likely very keen on making substantial commission earnings. That’s great! But the journey doesn’t stop at finding the right products. The success lies in how you promote them, and for that, you need the right platform and community to fuel your growth.

I’m going to tell you about an awesome platform called Wealthy Affiliate. This platform can not only help you find affiliate products to promote (over 10,000+ programs in their database), it can offer you education, the affiliate business building tools and support you need to thrive.

Wealthy Affiliate stands out by offering a user-friendly environment with comprehensive training, tools, and a community eager to help you succeed.

By leveraging the ‘Promote’ feature within Wealthy Affiliate, you can tap into a vast sea of over 10,000+ affiliate programs.

That’s a lot of opportunity at your fingertips. And the best part? You can start with a free account, which gives you immediate access to beginner training modules, and networking with other affiliate marketers who are also building their online empires.

If you’re serious about earning a full-time income online, Wealthy Affiliate is a place that can help you map out that journey. From understanding SEO to creating engaging content, and from networking with other marketers to sharing strategies, this platform covers all bases.

I’ve seen beginners transform into expert affiliates and gone full-time online, more times than I can out. If that is what you aspire to achieve within the affiliate marketing world, I believe you can do the same. Take action and begin your exciting affiliate marketing adventure by signing up for your free account through this exclusive link:

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Choose something that resonates with you and your goals, and happy affiliate product hunting. If you have any question or need any help with anything related to affiliate marketing, I can help . I have been doing this since 2002 full time. 🙂

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  1. Hey! Such an article Kyle I was shocked when I saw your page here to make a comment on . You are the pioneer of this business. Personally I found Wealthy affiliate a very high valuable platform to promote as an affiliate marketer , It has high percentage commission and does not have all that  complex rules and conditions for paying your commission . In this article you have made grate and true examples of the situation , Wealthy affiliate is one of the best to promote for sure, in the other hand when somebody decide to join has the advantage of being a free member for a while and see how it goes ,this gives a relax and sure feeling to promote wealthy affiliate as well. Thank you very much  for sharing!

    • Thanks for the kind words, not sure if you can claim that I am the pioneer of the affiliate marketing business, but we have been helping folks within this industry since 2005 (and love doing that0. 

      Wealthy Affiliate is one of many affiliate programs that someone can leverage online, and we understand affiliates and their wants and needs which makes our affiliate programs one of the more favorable ones.  But when you choose an affiliate marketing you should be choosing something that first, is highly relevant to your niche and audience. Relevance converts, so that is definitely very critical as you move forward with your business. 

      Then, the selection of an affiliate program (and what you promote) should be based on what best serves your audience.  Are you providing them with the most effective, and most cost efficient solution.  If you are doing that, you are going to build a long term and sustainable brand irrespective of the price, commissions, and whether or not the product is a high or low ticket offer. 

  2. Hi Kyle. In your article, you make mention of the importance of choosing affiliate products that align with your audience’s interests. Could you possibly provide a more detailed breakdown of the strategies and tips on how to effectively identify and understand the preferences and needs of your target audience? Especially when considering social media marketing, I’d like to know that the affiliate products I promote resonate with them on some level to create that need factor…

    • Your audience is your audience, regardless of the source.  If you have an audience that is coming to your website through search engines like Google, then you would be capturing a very targeted audience and you would know exactly who they are (as they came through specific search terms).

      If you are leveraging social media to promote products or services, then it becomes a bit more difficult to really know the “intent” of your users, as you are interrupting them with your marketing in many respects (they are not explicitly searching for someone).  

      Because of this, it is KEY that you offer your audience value and engage them in a topic, that way you can establish trust with them (as you are offering value), and then at that point you can make product/service recommendations.

      I see far too often people “link bombing” affiliate link spam on social media hoping to make a sale, and that comes across as scuzzy and won’t convert.  Offer value and useful information, and you will convert a much higher rate irrespective of the platform you are using to draw your audience. 

  3. Hey Kyle just wanted to say I appreciate the article!

     I found it really helpful in understanding how to choose profitable affiliate products and analyze commission structures. I’m curious, as someone new to affiliate marketing, how important is it to have a specific niche when selecting products to promote? Is it better to focus on a specific audience or can I promote a variety of products across different industries?

     Thanks in advance for your insights!  Have a great day ahead 

    • Good question Ronald.  When you are choosing the products that you promote on your website, it is going to be dictated by the content itself.  You want to be contextually relevant to your actual content.  The flow of relevance is what converts. 

      So you want to help people within your content, and then create relevant product/service recommendations and this could vary from article to article on your website.  One website, one niche…but lots of potential and relevant products and services.

      I hope this clarifies things for you here. 

  4. Hi Kyle

    A very educational article. Your article highlights a lot of things that one still has to learn.  Sometime one thinks he has gathered a lot of information only to realize when reading other people’s articles that one, still has a long way to go. You have made this article simple and easy to follow and learn and in the process giving me tips and tricks of the trade. The image of how affiliate marketing works is breath of fresh air.

    Thank you for sharing


    • Hey Richard, 

      Glad I could offer clarity on how to best find affiliate products, we all have a different perspective and glad mine could offer you some fresh insights.  There are so many products/services that you can promote as an affiliate, and this offers you a glimpse into how you can navigate the many affiliate programs in your niche. 😉


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