Wealthy Affiliate Review – Updated for 2024


You’ve likely heard some of the buzz around Wealthy Affiliate (WA), or perhaps a friend may have recommended you check out it, and wondered, “What the heck is this place about?” As someone that is intimately knowledgable of Wealthy Affiliate and of the affiliate marketing/internet business world, I am very much qualified to offer you a review from a unique perspective….from the owner.

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t just another product…or another “get rich quick scheme’. It an evolving platform that is dedicated to helping internet entrepreneurs, like yourself create and grow successful businesses online. At the core, it’s about simplifying the rather complex journey of building an online business through proper training, proper tools, and proper support systems that will streamline the process.

Imagine having access to everything you need to create, grow, and monetize your business, all under one roof. That’s exactly what Wealthy Affiliate aims to provide, and I am going to be discussing many of the features, and benefits of WA (again, from my unique perspective) as I write out this article.

Also, just wanted to mention that if you have any questions about any aspect of Wealthy Affiliate (or the online business world for that matter), I will be very much happy to help you out in the comments below this review, so don’t to leave any questions, comments, or your own experiences of WA within this review.

First, let’s have a look into our history…a blast from that past!

Wealthy Affiliate: The Founders, History and the Vision

Wealthy Affiliate launched back in 2005. It wasn’t some exciting, groundbreaking event, rather it was a moment where myself (Kyle Loudoun) and Carson Lim (the other co-founder) decided to take our knowledge and successes within the affiliate marketing world, and to help others succeed in the way we KNEW worked.

At the time, there wasn’t a lot of help online for this sort of thing, and the help that was available didn’t solve the actual problem or remove the complexities of building a business online. So we started WA with the intent of helping others, and to this day, that is the core of our ethos in our business.

The story simply began with two ambitious entrepreneurs who combined their expertise of affiliate marketing, to teach people to build businesses properly. It was a forum, a list of keywords, and a few tutorials and we charged $359/year (and remember, that was back in 2005).

People loved our service, although it is laughable now compared to what we offer, but it was working and we were helping people succeed.

A lot has changed since those early days. Initially starting as a keyword list site, Wealthy Affiliate has grown, adapted, and moved into full-fledged (and all-inclusive) online business platform….that has been incrementally evolving, innovating and improving for the last 18 years. This continues, with our biggest slate of releases in 2024.

This is also the reason why I believe we lead this industry. Not to toot the horn of WA, but we provide people with a service that (a) works (b) is built based on their wants and demands (c) that offers you everything you need without having to buy upsells out the ying-yang.

Our motto (as cliche as it is), has always been your success is our success. If we cannot deliver with constant and meaningful updates and improvements within WA that help you, then we are not focusing on the right things.

Thankfully we DO focus on the right things, and I am going to walk you through everything you need to know about WA here within this review.

At Wealthy Affiliate, We Have a 4-Step Process to Success.

You’ve got the drive, the dream, and now you need a direction.

That’s where Wealthy Affiliate can step in and help. At its core, WA is a fully-integrated ecosystem built for business growth, that tackles a simple process. The process of BUILDING a business online, and it is comes down to 4-steps (and simple ones).

Step 1: Selecting a profitable niche. The thing is, ALL niches a profitable. So this allows you to choose anything that you want, and within the initial sign-up process, the Business Hubs Wizard is going

Step 2: Building your Website. Your website is your foundation of your business, it is where people will come to read your content, engage with you, and buy from you. This is also accomplished within the initial Hubs Wizard, that will have you up and running with your niche, your brand and your website within the next 5 minutes.

Step 3: Content creation that captures attention (Traffic). The next step is going to be building out your website, adding helpful and useful content, and getting that content ranked in Google. This along with other traffic strategies and we are going to help you get people coming to your website in droves. We also simplify the content creation process with our AI Article Designer, that will shave HOURS off the process.

Step 4: Monetize your website (the ‘Make Money” part). This the heart of any business, and once you have traffic coming to your website, there are all sorts of different ways you can make money from it and Wealthy Affiliate helps you explore these. There are over 10,000 affiliate opportunities that you can search through and join, directly through WA…but in total, over 550 MILLION products/services you can promote through affiliate marketing alone.

As you move through the early stages of the “core” training at Wealthy Affiliate’s training, we are going to keep things simple…and it will help and encourage someone with ANY level to get rolling with a business online. No experience is necessary.

With step-by-step video walkthroughs, tutorials, and access to help, you’re are going to feel supported every step of the way. In fact, upon entry into Wealthy Affiliate you will have direct access to ME (and I will be sending you a message to offer you help). That is the level of service you can come to expect within WA.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves here though, “what’s the catch”. I want to discuss the different levels of membership within WA, and help you understand the best path for you when starting out.

The Different Membership Tiers: Choosing Your Path.

At Wealthy Affiliate, the initial “onboarding” process is completely free. You are going to head to the website, create a free “Starter” account, and you will be immediately taken into the Business Hubs Wizard. This is going to do a few things for you right away:

  1. Introduce you to the platform
  2. Help you choose your niche direction
  3. Help you choose an initial brand
  4. Get your first website built
  5. And then take you into the back office of Wealthy Affiliate with your Business Hub

This is literally a few minute process, from start to finish. Often times people can get caught up for a few extra minutes trying to choose their perfect niche, but not to worry about that. You can change your niche down the road, and through time you will likely have many different ideas within different niches.

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) tech behind the wizard is also going to automatically make niche, brand and website suggestions as you go through the process. You can choose a direction that you are passionate about (for your business direction), that way it makes building a business that much more fun.

So that is the FREE entrance, also known as the Starter membership

Once you have acquainted yourself with the platform, gone through some of the training within the back office, and decided whether or not you want to advance your business or a brand, you will have the choice between two Premium Memberships (Premium & Premium Plus+).

Let’s break down each tier to see what’s at stake and how it appropriately aligns with your vision and budget.

The Starter Membership (COMPLETELY FREE, No Credit Card Required)

The Starter membership serves as your introduction to the Wealthy Affiliate ecosystem. Without spending a dime, you get to dip your toes into the waters of affiliate marketing and online business with one website, the initial phase of the core training, and get to try out the business hub experience. While your access to research, writing, and AI tools are limited, it’s enough to give you a good taste of your potential within the world at Wealthy Affiliate.

Here is a breakdown of some of the key features offered within the Starter membership.

  • Basic features and core training.
  • One website and one limited business hub.
  • Limited access to research, writing, and AI tools.
  • 300 Bonus Word Credits (3 article outlines)

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. I recommend if you are even the slightest bit interested in doing something that love, building a business online, and working towards the world of freedom (time, location, and financial) that running an online business offers, I recommend you don’t waste another minute and get rolling today.

Premium Membership
Price: $49/month or $497/ year

For those that are ready to commit to their business, the Premium Membership is the most cost efficient price option. It immediately gives you the key to the exclusive community features, all the core training, and allows you to immediately situation yourself with THREE potential businesses (website + hubs). Not to forget the weekly expert classes with the top marketers in the world, and access to the Jaaxy Lite research tool, the wood starts carving itself into shape, shaping a clearer path ahead for your online success..

Here is a breakdown of some of the key features offered within the Premium membership.

  • Advanced features, hosting, and comprehensive training.
  • 3 websites and 3 business hubs.
  • One expert class per week.
  • 1,500 Word Credits Per Month (15 article outlines)
  • Jaaxy Lite for research.
  • Access to all AI platforms.
  • Exclusive community and support access.

Premium Plus+ Membership
Price: $99 monthly or $697/year

It’s not just about having the highest level of support or access to the most elite tools; it’s about access a suite of services that mirror highest tier marketers in the world. The Premium Plus+ tier offers you the capability to build up to 10 websites, an ongoing slate of 4-5 expert classes weekly, and the Jaaxy Enterprise is a research tool so efficient, it will save you hours upon hours upon your research activities online. This is the most popular membership, and comes with that is just over a few bucks per day.

Here is a breakdown of some of the key features offered within the Premium Plus+ membership.

  • Extensive features, tools, and highest level of support.
  • 10 websites and 10 business hubs.
  • 4-5 expert classes per week.
  • 3,000 Word Credits Per Month (30 article outlines)
  • Exclusive community and support access.
  • Advanced training resources.
  • Jaaxy Enterprise for advanced research.
  • Access to all AI platforms and first access to BETA platforms.


Your initial decision with your Wealthy Affiliate membership should be to get a FREE account, and then move forward from there. You don’t have to make any financial decisions now, rather let the platform gain your trust and your approval before you invest a dime.

Whether you yearn for a taste, a hearty meal, or a king’s feast, Wealthy Affiliate will lay it all out for you and give you the potential to succeed at any level that you wish.

Now that we have gotten the pricing and membership levels out of the way, let’s look at some of the features in a bit more detail.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Exclusive SPEED-TO-SUCCESS Features.

Let’s look at some of the key platforms within Wealthy Affiliate that are going to help you outpace the competition, and help you build and streamline your online business:

Business Hubs (AI). Consider this your command center. Here, you control every aspect of your online business, from fine-tuning and accessing your website, to niche and keyword research, and structuring and organizing your website topics. It’s the kind of streamlined efficiency every online entrepreneur dreams of, and is driven by the latest technology and Artificial Intelligence back-end. Research and building out online businesses has never been done with this speed.

The Article Designer (AI). This isn’t just any content tool; it’s the key to unlocking seamless, SEO-friendly article outlines almost instantly. For content creators grappling with writer’s block, it is going to streamline the research, and content structure process. What used to take hours to research, outline and get your content ready to write…is now done in seconds.

Expert Classes. Imagine a weekly rendezvous with some of the world’s leading authorities within the online business world. Each session is pure value….full of insights, strategies, and cutting-edge information designed to keep you ahead of the curve (and your competition). These offer coverage on everything from Search Engine Optimization, to Youtube, Social Media Marketing, E-Commerce and Paid Advertising Strategies. Oh yeah, there are also 100’s of hours of past classes available to you within the class database.

SiteContent Writing Platform (AI). This platform has been designed to simplify, and to turbo-charge your writing and content creation. There are built in features that help you streamline the publication process directly to your website, without needing to know an ounce of coding (or even log into your website). It also provides you with an interface where you can manage and organize all of your content, leading to a lot more efficiency in your business.

Website & Managed WordPress Hosting. A website is the foundation of your business, so it is important that you are getting the highest quality of service for the fundamental underpinnings of your business. These website and hosting services are Wealthy Affiliate are nothing short of state-of-the-art. There is a true commitment to reliability, speed an security, ensuring your virtual real estate stands on solid ground.

Affiliate Opportunities. Are you seeking the perfect affiliate partner? Within Wealthy Affiliate you have exclusive access to our in-house Affiliate Opportunity Database, a vast database of over 10,000 of the top affiliate programs in the world, curated for quality, profitability, commission structure, and location.

And this is just brushing the surface of the platform access that you have within Wealthy Affiliate. As mentioned earlier, EVERYTHING you need to create, grow and manage your business to any level online is included within the walls of WA.

Though I don’t want to undermine the technology and platforms available to you within the back office Wealthy Affiliate, there an entire world that warrants an entire section within my review.

The Wealthy Affiliate Pay-it-Forward Community.

No platform is complete without a community. If you can’t get help efficiently, you could potentially be spinning your wheels for a long time…and ultimately fail.

Within the exclusive community Wealthy Affiliate, you are going to get 24/7 access to the “Activity” tab in WA, where you can communicate about the latest topics in business, ask questions and get immediate answers in the real-time chat, and pose questions to the community.

Stories of success also aren’t just whispers or rumors; they’re integrated into this community side of the platform. Not a day goes by that someone isn’t sharing their first success online, or their first $10,000 month, quitting their day job, are selling a website for a 6-figure payout.

The community is active, it is helpful, it is full of expertise, and we are truly unique. We are PAY IT FORWARD! This means, when you come into WA, you are going to learn from the best. When you gain new skills and new knowledge, you are going to be able to pay that forward to other newcomers or people that need a hand.

Wealthy Affiliate maintains an open ethos where all achievements are celebrated and learned from, making these success stories a pivotal aspect in the community’s daily diet.

And beyond the community, you gain access and a way to meet the owners, and some of the top community experts and contributors through the Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas. This is connected to the world class affiliate program at Wealthy Affiliate that you get instant approval for upon joining WA, meaning that as soon as you become a member you can start working towards Vegas status.

Enrolling in Wealthy Affiliate gives you more than tools and training; it immerses you in an environment that comes with all sorts of opportunities for growth, networking, and earning potential. If you’re serious about building a successful online business, joining this community is essential.

But as the owner, I can tell you that running a platform of this size isn’t all peaches and roses all the times. There are areas where we really excel, but areas in which we can also improve. Let’s have at both of these, through a pros and cons breakdown.

The Pros and Cons of Joining Wealthy Affiliate.

The magnitude of tools, training and resources at my disposal within WA can feel staggering and a even a bit overwhelming at times. There is a lot of “moving pieces” to creating a successful business online, and there becomes even more moving pieces when we attempt to SIMPLIFY aspects of building a business.

There is a sunny side to every street, and often times one house on the block that really serves as an annoyance or nuisance. The same is within WA, and though we are constantly working towards perfection, we know that it doesn’t exist ANYWHERE.

So I want to help you understand the areas where I feel we really excel (the PROS), and the areas where I feel we can improve and where we are currently working to get better (the CONS).


  • The longest standing, and most comprehensive platform in the industry
  • Very progressive on a technology and training side of things
  • Comprehensive training , classes, and real-time discussions
  • Strong community support with active success stories.
  • Advanced tools, hosting services, and significant affiliate incentives.
  • Highly rated on TrustPilot (4.9 out of 5.0) and by the BBB (A+) for reliability and user satisfaction.


  • The extensive range of features and information may initially be overwhelming for new users.

    **SOLUTION: We recently updated the core training to be included within the Hubs platform, where you are actually creating your business. This has simplified the process.

  • At times, some training can get outdated as platforms change.

    **SOLUTION: We recently initiated a rule that NO training goes longer than 10-days outdated, before it is replace or deleted.

So while Wealthy Affiliate is not perfect, the end goal is to work forward to that goal of perfection. There are weekly updates rolled out throughout the year, with new technology, bug fixes, new training, and new platforms.

One thing that you can be sure of being part of WA is that nothing is ever at a stand-still, we pride ourselves in being the most innovation and evolutionary platform in the space….and that is driven by community feedback, suggestions, and sometimes complaints. It’s how we get better. 🙂

Is Wealthy Affiliate the Right Choice for Your Online Business Goals?

You have walked with me through the various aspects of Wealthy Affiliate, and I appreciate you doing so. I guess the big question is whether or not Wealthy Affiliate is going to be the right fit for you or not?

The answer is, try it out and find out.

That is the very reason there is a free Starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Only companies that believe in their service will let people “try it” for free. There isn’t another company in the in online business world that offers a free level of access. It’s simple, we believe in our product, and believe that you will love it.

If you don’t, then you don’t have to stick around. You don’t have to pay a cent. You can simply make the decision that Wealthy Affiliate isn’t good fit for you.

One thing that you have done is your due diligence. You have done your research about WA, before you potentially risked your time and energy to join the service. You just happened to come across the owner of the community, offering you a unique perspective into the community and platform. I appreciate you for that.

What I want to do now, is encourage you at the very least to give the FREE Starter Membership a try. There is no credit card required to sign-up, and there is NO obligation whatsoever.

And another cool thing, after you create your account and go through the Hub Wizard (to set-up your niche, brand, and website), I am going to contact you through the back office of WA and offer my help. You are going to get instant access to me where you can ask questions, get help, and even yell at me if WA doesn’t live up to this review lol.

Should Wealthy Affiliate be part of your 2024 strategy? If stepping into an “entrepreneur-oriented” ecosystem designed to facilitate growth, learning, and profitability aligns with your roadmap to success, the answer could very well be YES.

I encourage you to explore further. Explore your potential. And do so within the platform and community at Wealthy Affiliate.


If you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate, or want to share your experiences within WA, please leave it within the comments below. I usually get back within 24 hours, sometimes within minutes!

11 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review – Updated for 2024”

  1. Great review, Kyle. I’ve been a member of WA for nearly 9 years. I would not have succeeded online without it. Thanks for building the platform and keeping it updated with the latest strategies for building successful online businesses.

    • Awesome Gary, really glad you are enjoying the platform at Wealthy Affiliate and it is wonderful to hear about your success. The thing that you will continue to see within Wealthy Affiliate is that it keeps ahead of the curve, and ahead of technology…so from the training and technology side, you are going to be covered. 2024 is an exciting year within WA with the integration of AI across many platforms, including the Business Hubs, Article Designer, and AI Author platforms which are fully streamlining one’s business.

      Wishing you success in the year ahead and thanks for leaving your personal review!

  2. Hey Kyle, just stumbled upon your ‘Wealthy Affiliate Review’ and I’ve gotta say, it’s like finding a GPS in the world of online mazes! Your insights are as refreshing as a double espresso on a Monday morning. I’ve been bobbing around in the sea of affiliate marketing, usually feeling like a lost penguin in the Sahara. Your review shines a light on the nitty-gritty details, and the humor sprinkled throughout is the cherry on top! I’m now seriously considering signing up, or at least, I won’t get lost again in affiliate marketing jargon. Thanks for making sense of it all in a way that even my grandma would understand – and she still thinks ‘Wi-Fi’ is a new kind of radio station!

    • Haha, too funny. Glad I could offer you some perspective here Corey.  There are many grandmas at Wealthy Affiliate creating and growing business, and that is the beauty of having a streamlined platform where you have your technology, training, and community/support fully integrated with one another. 

      Any one can do it, and anyone can have the foundation of their business up and running faster than ever these days. 

  3. Hi Kyle,
    Your updated review of Wealthy Affiliate for 2024 is quite informative and comprehensive.
    However, I’m a bit curious about the success rate among members, particularly beginners. With the platform offering such a broad range of tools and training, is there a risk of information overload for newcomers? How does Wealthy Affiliate ensure that new members, who may be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of resources, can effectively utilize the platform to achieve tangible results?
    Thank you for your work and for sharing this detailed review.

    Best Regards,

    • Good question Makhsud, and a very tough one to get an accurate numbers on success rates across any particular member, because WA doesn’t track success or have the capability to do so. 

      Like any business though, it is very much depending on the actual person.  Those that work hard and take action on the training and give themselves time, succeed at a much higher rate. Those that don’t to anything, fail.  I always say, 100% of people achieve success that don’t give up (as that is actually your own way you can truly fail).

      The thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that you have a competitive edge as you are getting fresh 2024 foundational training, the tools/platforms that you need to build out your business with speed, and a community of experts and people earning 6/7+ figures that will be accessible and there to help.  This gives you an advantage and a competitive edge over most.  

      I started out the same as anyone starts out, with no knowledge.  So I know first hand that if I can achieve success online (and without the resources that are available today within Wealthy Affiliate), anyone can. 

    • Heya Makhsud!
      Since I’m new to affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate, I thought I would jump in and give you my feedback on the program. Although I had signed up with WA over a year ago, unfortunately, my other business’ had taken precedence so I hadn’t been able to do anything with the program at that time.

      Fast forward to March 2024; My life has taken a turn and affiliate marketing has become front and center, and pretty much my main focus. I began researching different affiliate marketing companies and after spending some time evaluating a few before long, I knew Wealthy Affiliate was the best of them all.

      As a life-long learner and someone whose taken many training courses, mentorships, and programs over the past year, as well as being new to affiliate marketing, the amount of information available here at Wealthy Affiliate and the way that it’s laid out, is not overwhelming at all. When you initially sign up, you receive a personalized welcome email from Kyle with clear and concise instructions to begin your affiliate marketing journey and your next steps. If those are not clear for any reason (which they really are :), then he has an “ask a question” link in his email so you can respond directly to him with any question that you might have and HE will personally respond to you directly. (I don’t know how many CEO’s of 20+ year old company’s, that respond to people when they sign up and join their programs?? (If you knew the year I’ve had, you would understand why this gesture just TRULY impresses upon me what a terrific company Wealthy Affiliate is.

      As for the training….it’s funny, bc I had sent Kyle an email when I first started watching his classes to let him know how great I thought his classes were. I find Kyle’s step-by-step training to be extremely easy to comprehend and follow along with. The structured approach Kyle, Carson and the team have implemented to the training make it SO easy to navigate through the modules and there is a supportive community providing guidance every step of the way should you get stuck or have any questions. What I love about this program vs some other programs, is it’s all self-paced. I can go as fast as I need to or slower if I don’t understand something or if I want to go back and re-do something, I can. I am so excited to finish building out my own website I can’t wait till it’s completed bc I have so many ideas for other sites I want to work on. I’ve been thinking about them for so long and now I can finally do them thanks to Wealthy Affiliate!!! (Anyone can follow along, even if they’ve never built a website, it’s THAT easy!)

      Also, what I love about this program, for someone like me, who loves to work at a fast, fast pace, I can do that……OH and you didn’t ask BUT I didn’t want to forget to mention, bc I really feel this is VERY important, there are NO hidden fees with Wealthy Affiliate. To me, there’s nothing worse than when you think you’re joining a free or low cost program and ok, we’re all affiliate’s right, so we know…..it’s going to cost us something when we hit that “click here” button to get that free download, but how much is the question, right? At Wealthy Affiliate, you know what it’s costing you up front. There’s no guessing what’s behind a paywall….What you see is what you pay….

      With the number of diverse trainings and classes available, I truly believe success is inevitable for anyone as long as they put in the effort. I can’t wait to continue moving forward. This next chapter of my life is incredibly exciting, and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

      I hope this response has been helpful. Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.

      Kind regards,

      Debbie M. (AKA CrazyEcomMom on IG, FB, TT)

  4. Hi Kyle, I’ve just joined WA as a premium member as of 2 hours ago, and I’m really stoked to get cracking with the process. Most of the reviews I’ve read leading up to my decision were nothing short of glowing, which is why I decided to make the plunge after coming across WA purely by accident.

    So far, the experience has proven to be intuitive, but I have one question regarding AI and, more specifically, how ChatGPT can answer questions drawn from sites on the homepage of Google. Are there any workarounds to that on the WA side, or is there something one can do to minimise the information that GPT displays on the Google homepage? I ask since, from an affiliate marketing point of view, websites are entirely reliant on people getting their fix within the ranked website page that contains all of the information.

    • Congrats on going Premium Deon, I know you are going to love the experience and your journey moving forward.  Happy to help you out with your question here as well. 

      ChatGPT has access to May 2023 data currently, and if you are using GPT Plus it has web browsing capabilities with citations.  People will always “search” though, as people want choice, and people don’t trust a singular answer…they want to discover this for themselves, hence that importance of your own niche website content. 

      So while some people will use GPT for research, it is just a new way of finding things and people that use Google for research and having options, will continue to do so.  Does that make sense? 

  5. Thanks for thus updated review! Yes, personally I have started my journey on WA last year; and I’m quite happy! Though I haven’t been consistent in my work last year, I’m starting seeing traction with my website. Indeed, some of my content is already ranked on Google and Yahoo!; and I’m starting to get some euros from my ads. I am confident that real earnings will come if I’m still consistent in my job; so I’m still going!

    • That is great Angel, really glad you hear you are enjoying your experience at Wealthy Affiliate and that you are seeing traction and rankings with your website content. Rankings lead to traffic, which lead to conversions (and revenue) which we are all about within WA and it is great to see you are seeing results! 

      Stay consistent, and your business will only continue to grow.  See you inside the community!


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